What We Do

Winning Federal Proposals will work with your team to develop winning proposals. Our abilities go far beyond developing your Proposal. We also offer training for your personnel in the Proposal process. And we are frequently called on to assess a current approach, and develop and implement a winning process. We also manage the Pipeline for many of our clients. Whatever your Proposal needs, we have the experience and ability to take your capabilities to the next winning level.

We offer:

  • Capture Strategy Planning and Development
  • Proposal Management
  • Proposal Development
  • Proposal Writing
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Color Team Reviews
  • Oral Presentation Development and Preparations
  • Comprehensive Proposal Training
  • Pipeline Management and Administration


We work with your personnel to develop an approach and to produce a responsive solution that goes beyond meeting your customers’ needs. In our daily activities, we work with many clients and customers; we attend industry meetings discussing the capture process; and we work to improve the procurement process. Because we work with a variety of approaches and perspectives, we bring a wide breadth of understanding to the table.